ESEC has analyzed countless EIFS, stucco, and roof covering problems and helped come up with feasible solutions throughout Denver and across the front range. This allows us to be an effective expert witness and member of your consultation team.

The best time for a consultation is at the start of your project. We can perform a plan review for potential EIFS or Stucco problem areas. We can also help identify alternatives to solve problems after they occur; however, options are often construction limited and costs can be higher due to work already completed. If you have an existing problem, we can help identify causes of problems and offer alternative solutions.

Consulting Services

ESEC has been supplying consulting services for the past 20 years.  If you have issues with your EIFS, Hard Coat Stucco (HCS), stone veneer or other wall cladding that may have resulted in water intrusion then ESEC is ready to analyze the conditions and provide alternative remediation techniques as appropriate.  We also offer consulting services relating to weather related damage such as hail, wind and heavy rains.  Our clients have also relied upon our investigation skills and knowledge to help them resolve a number of unique building concerns where the cause was not initially readily apparent.

Expert Witness Services

It is always best if parties can resolve their issues without having to take legal action. However, there are times when legal recourse becomes necessary. ESEC will supply expert testimony to present the facts in concise easy to understand terms.

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