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Infrared (IR) Thermography detects conditions not visible to the naked eye

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ESEC - Denver Wall & Roof Covering Inspection Services

Exteriors & Stucco Evaluation Consultants (ESEC) has been helping property owners with wall and roof covering issues throughout Denver, Colorado for over 20 years.  We are here to help our Denver clients with stucco inspections, moisture intrusion, roof inspections, and thermal imaging.  To provide this information to our clients, we offer varying scopes of services to our customer depending upon their required information including:

  • Phase I:  Simple visual observations with non-destructive scan moisture meters and possibly Thermography
  • Phase II: Includes Phase I plus limited probing
  • Phase III:  Typically follows a Phase II inspection, where water testing is performed to confirm leakage hypothesis
  • Phase IV:  Typically follows Phase II investigation and possibly Phase III water testing, destructive investigations are used to peel back the layers of the onion and expose the construction phases

Our investigations and reports provide property owners with the information available from the scope of the services they requested to make an informed decision relating to the maintenance and repair of their property.

Note: There are times when the necessary work may be the result of actions of other individuals/companies; or the damage may be the result of acts of god such as hail, wind or heavy rain damage.  ESEC is able to address these needs of our clients; as ESEC offers consulting and expert witness services as described on the Services Page.

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SINCE 1999

ESEC has specialized in stucco inspections and moisture intrusion analysis