6 Signs Your Stucco is Damaged

You purchased your property and it had stucco on it, and you never gave it much thought other than you loved the look. However, it’s subtly giving you signs that it requires some TLC. Here are the most common signs that your stucco requires attention and what these signs mean. 1.    Stucco Cracks While a single hairline crack may not be a bad omen, numerous cracks could be more than an aesthetic issue.  If you have large cracks over ¼” wide, [...]


The Difference Between EIFS and Stucco

When looking into purchasing a home or replacing the exterior of your current home, you’ll likely come across many types of exteriors—two of which are Hard Coat Stucco (HCS) and Exterior Insulation and Finish System (EIFS). The two are often confused for one another because they look aesthetically similar to the untrained eye at a distance. Once you get up close and personal, however, the difference between HCS and EIFS becomes apparent to the trained eye and ear. With any comparable products, it’s essential to be [...]